Steve Munsey for Israel

Dr. Steve Munsey and his wife, Melodye, have built a strong church at Family Christian Center, whose numbers now exceed 15,000 and are growing every day. While much of their efforts are centered on supporting the local community in the Northwest Indiana/Greater Chicagoland area, Steve and Melodye are staunch advocates for the preservation, protection, and survival of the State of Israel. Each worship service at Family Christian center starts with prayer not only for our nation, communities, and soldiers but also for the peace and protection of Israel.


Steve Munsey

Steve Munsey, Pastor of Family Christian Center

Knowing that the Holy Father intended to bless the Earth through His Israeli people, Steve has supported Israel in many ways. In 2006, he was tapped by El Al airlines, the national airline in Israel, to be on its Advisory Board to the Christian Community to advise on how it could be made easier for Christians to fulfill their mission by traveling to the Holy Land.


Steve Munsey Israel Sea of Galilee

Steve Munsey preaching at the Sea of Galilee in Israel

He has also traveled to the holy sites mentioned in the Bible like Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. There he has filmed sermons and reenacted some of the most powerful moments contained in Scripture. He has traveled to Israel not once, not twice, but several times each year to deliver prayers from Family Christian Center straight to the Wailing Wall, the only remaining wall of the Old Temple. By delivering these prayers to the Wall, Steve displays a modicum of respect for one of the Lord’s oldest and holiest sites. He also religiously partakes in the Seven Feasts of Israel as Jesus did, spanning the Passover, Pentecost, and Trumpets, because by partaking in and studying these feasts, we hear the voice of God and have the essence of Jesus Christ revealed to us.


Why Should I Support Israel?

Why must we support Israel, especially in times like these when it is facing turmoil from all directions? We support Israel because the Jewish people and all of the great prophets who were written about in Scripture were inspired by God, our God. Like the Jews, we are fellow children of God. The creation of the State of Israel was ordained by the Lord so that he could bless the world through it, with Jerusalem as His capital. By supporting the Jewish people and the State of Israel, you reaffirm your belief in the God of the Bible and His Word. By fighting antisemitism and those who oppose the realization of Zion, we serve the Lord. We cannot allow for the Holy Land to fall into the wrong hands; we must support it and support it now.